The Chilling Thorne Diaries[edit | edit source]

The Chilling Thorne Diaries Season 1 Summary[edit | edit source]

The series is about a girl named Isabella Thorne a witch a girl from New York coming back to Thornebridge to live with her dad Michael Thorne and her twin brother Jonathan more witches in till Jonathan picks her up and gets in a accident and he die's, Isabella thinks some one tried to kill her because she heard chanting. She went back to her old high school Northman High school were she gets back with her old friends Meredith Monet who we later find out is a supernatural Huntress and a seerVictoria Gilbert who gets turned into a vampire in the first season after the vampire Julian St John turned her, she met Nathaniel Holaway who became her boyfriend after a week back in town and then she finds out he's also a hunter. Season 1's starts with Isabella and her brother in at the car accident, we see her faint after a loud chanting goes on she wakes up in her dad's house it is described as Victorian looking on the hill of thornhill having almost every family generation since the town was founded in 1693 its a mansion like house big. He tells her that Jonathan is dead, later explains that she is going back to her old school the week after"today". Once she went back to her old school and when she walks to registration with her dad she hears a voice saying "Isabella Thorne" she turns around to see her Meredith after that they start to hang out and to met up with Victoria and they walk around and Isabella see's Nate and she stares he stares back and Victoria tells er about him and Isabella says she wants him, then it says one month later Isabella is dating Nate she's on the cheerleader team with her rival named Penelope Sinclair another witch that we find later on who's family is in Isabella's family's coven. The first villain of the series is Charles Addams a witch one of the witches in the witches council, he made a deal with the devil for Charles getting Immortality he will kill Isabella unknown why he try's to attempt it three times but fails. At one of the times Meredith's dad tells her that she comes from a long line of Supernatural Hunter's and Huntresses a specie's that have strength,agility and other special powers and her family plus five other family's one of them Nate's family she finds out there is a curse on them that to unlock her gene she has to kill a Supernatural she's shocked in till her dad tells her one more thing that her mom Theresa Valentina Grey her mom and finds out she wan't human she was a seer meaning she was a psychic and that it came in only to one kid in every generation of kids and gets past down, Also that she's not dead she's travels away from the town because the society did not approve of it so they told Gabriel Meredith's dad to kill her because she's a seer which is still not human even though there supernatural so he asked a witch named Cordelia Thorne Isabella's aunt to charm a dead body to be Theresa aka Tessa and then she ran away. When Tessa comes back to see her daughter and officially divorcing Gabriel he ends up getting kidnapped by a group of vampire's when Meredith tells Isabella what is happening Isabella is shocked but knew about the hunter part and that they have to locate her dad. Later somewhere else Victoria is out with her boyfriend Ross Mathews out till a group of vampire's to a mansion and a vampire named Julian St John he gives both of them his blood and snaps Ross's neck he walks up and then two vampire's bring Gabriel and cuts his and and tells Ross to drink when he does he uses his new vampire speed but he crosses a window were he starts to burn and then Julian kills Ross by talking his heart out which is fatal to a new born vampire then he goes to Victoria telling her to trust him trying to make her feel safe then he gives her his blood and he grabs her looks into her eyes and snaps her neck then she walks up and tells all the vampire's in the room to leave he calms her down and flirts with her he gives her Gabriel's blood and he joins and they drain his blood till Julian see's a ring on his finger he takes it of Gabriel and Gabriel dies. Next thing we see is is Isabella doing a locator spell and it and when she found him she got a sense of death meaning he is died so they drive there with Mere bringing weapons and when they open the door a vampire see's them and charges at them and Mere shots him with a presser stake and it hits his heart and she unlocks her hunter gene and she feels stronger, Julian walks in laughing and says looking for your friend and Victoria comes out Isabella uses her telekinesis to snap Julian's neck and they try to get Victoria aka V and see Ross's dead body V cries and they get out of there but when she leaves she starts to burn up not in flames but her skin starts to burn and then Isabella rushes her to the car. When they get to Isabella's house she makes her a lapis lazuli a jewel that protects vampire's from the sunlight which she puts in a ring form. Later on Isabella try to help her feed so Victoria stays at Isabella's house for a while, next time at school Isabella went to Nate to tell him about her but he says he knows and his dad has been telling him about it and him and his dad James Holaway were training he thought it was cool till he found out there trying to kill Isabella. Meredith, Isabella, Nate and Victoria try to find out why and one is maybe it was Charles who typed them about Isabella being a witch so they located him while there they find him at Isabella's aunts house in town Cordelia. When they go in they see them on a little date and Charles gets worried and Nate try's to stop him Cordelia faints after Charles drugged her with some herbs. He pain inflicts on Victoria and Nate, Mere try's to knock him out and it they take him to Victoria's basement lock up with rooms while Isabella siphons his magic making him weaker a special skill only in her coven's five royal family's which is the original family's in a coven which rotate in family when a twin popes in and when they turn 22 the merge whoever wins becomes the leader and there powers heighten while the loser die's or there power weakens which they must rely on there siphon magic able to absorb any supernatural thing and there more heightens depends on how powerful the person or object is for a while. He explains they reason why he is doing all this is for himself he made a deal with the devil so he could have immortality so he had to kill you, Isabella wonder why the devil cares he says because "Your mom didn't tell you, oh I forgot she doesn't like you but I will when your mom and dad were making love there was a prophecy about the Antichrist and all signs pointed to your mom giving birth to it and when they made love he put his seed making you his first and only child Michael is still your biological father so is the devil that why I need you to die three times" she wonders about her brother he said yes but he was a surprise so your brother is safe and will be powerful but he's dead. She goes to her dad to ask he explains everything and the day's done. Then we go to Isabella's aunt Cordelia one of her legal guardian went to see Isabella's English teacher Tristan St John they start to flirt finding out they have been dating for a week once he drops her to his house, Isabella see's them together and she ask her were they meet each other Cordelia aka Delia tells her there dating and that they have been for a week and she says to Isabella that she invited him to the founder's day party. Isabella calls Nate to ask him and he says yes and next thing is Isabella leaving her house in a nice red dress getting picked up in Nate's black car they drive there meeting up with Meredith and her date Aiden St James, and Victoria with Nate's best friend Mason Hamilton when they meet up Victoria and she asked were she is and tells her with her English teacher Mr St John and Victoria freaks and takes Mere, Isabella, and Nate to tell them that the guy that turned her and Ross was a guy named Julian St John and Isabella tells her the teacher's named Tristan St John he's new to town. They go to Cordelia and tells her when they go to a room in the mayor's mansion were the party is hosted and see's a paper were the first people of Thornebridge and see's Tristan and Julian St John and is confident about him being a vampire so she turns around and cuts her hand and asks him if he's a vampire he says yes and gives her his blood to heal they talk and he explains that him and his brother wanted a start and says he's 300 years old, Cordelia tells him that she's a witch they walk and talk, with Victoria she's trying to control her hunger when Mason and she try's to leave till Julian comes in and grabs her then Mason try's to help but gets thrown away he runs with a superhuman run with his eyes glowing, Julian says another werewolf in the shock Victoria neck gets snapped by Julian he makes his vampire guards to take her away, Mason try's to find Isabella and tells her they run to the front door they see Julian and he says to Isabella "Tatiana your alive" he smiles and she says no I'm Isabella then he said "oh your the recent doppelgänger well I personally think the original one was prettier" then he runs not without Meredith shooting an arrow it hits him he gets up and runs. Later on they get to Isabella's place and talk about how there going to get Victoria but first talk to Mason about how he's a werewolf. Then with Victoria she's at the house were she was turned and wakes up asking him why he turned them he explained that he was replacing the two old vampires who were killed by the Hunters but he says it to her in a seductive way telling her that he'll train her make her strong. Back with Cordelia kisses Tristan by after the party and gets in her car and drives home while on the road she there comes two drunk teenagers then she try's to miss them and she flits hits her head after not putting her seat belt, her head starts to bleed and dies. Then in the car she wakes up in shock.

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